Under the direction of Megan Dickerson and Alexis Riley, the Park District’s dance program instructs students in the disciplines of ballet, jazz hop, tap, and lyrical. For placement, call 619-8042 or 619-8044. All classes are held at the Poage ARC, 2020 N. Oakland.

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Schedule:  June7-30, 2021

Monday Studio I:

4:30-5:00              Intro to Dance (3-5)

5:15-6:00              Ballet (9-12)

6:15-7:15              Jazz/Tap Combo (9-12)

Monday Studio II:

4:30-5:30              Move It! (16+)

5:45-6:45              Adult Mixed Tape (16+)

Tuesday Studio I:

4:30-5:30              Adult Tap (16+)

5:45-6:30              Ballet/Tap (6-9)

6:45-7:30              Jazz (6-9)

Tuesday Studio II:

4:30-5:15              Poms (6-9)

5:30-6:15              Poms (10-13)

Wednesday Studio I:

4:30-5:15              Hip Hop (5-9)

5:30-6:15              Hip Hop (9-14)

Wednesday Studio II:

5:00-5:45              Dance With Me (1.5-3)

6:00-6:45              Lyrical 10+

Class Descriptions:

Dance With Me (1.5-3) allows toddlers and caregivers to interact using music, movement, songs, and creativity.

Intro to Dance (3-5) utilizes creative and age-appropriate activities to develop coordination, body awareness, and dance discipline.

Hip Hop (5-9) helps build confidence, cardiovascular strength, and conditioning. No experience required.

Hip Hop (9-14) introduces the newest hip hop dances, builds confidence, strength, and conditioning. No experience required.

Ballet/Tap Combo (6-9) students ages 6-9 will learn the disciplines of ballet and tap.

Jazz (6-9) students ages 6-9 will learn jazz technique and fun routines in this high energy class.

Ballet (9-12) provides classical training with concentration on technique and across the floor. No experience required.

Jazz/Tap Combo (9-12) students ages 9-12 will learn the disciplines of jazz and tap.

Poms (6-9) students ages 6-9 will learn fun routines utilizing poms and a lot of energy!

Poms (9-12) students ages 9-12 will learn fun routines utilizing poms and a lot of energy! Poms will help build cardiovascular strength and conditioning.

Lyrical (10+) is a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles. Classes focus on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

Move It! (16+) in this high energy dancercise class, participants will build cardiovascular and full body strength.

Adult Mixtape (16+) Are you an adult who used to dance? Have you never danced, but always wanted to? Or maybe you are STILL dancing? Whichever category you fall into, this class is for you! Each week, a new style will be introduced. The disciplines included will be ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.

Adult Tap (16+) Fun routines and technique are highlighted in this one-hour class. Tap shoes required.

All Classes take place at the Poage Arts and Recreation Center 2020 N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62526

Registration & Fees

Register at the Poage ARC (2020 North Oakland Avenue) or call 217-619-8044

For information on dance class fees, visit the Fees & Payment Plan page.