Art Masters is for ages 14-18. Artists will begin to explore expressing themselves creatively in an exciting variety of media. As they build their skills, they will learn how to use a variety of art materials in new and different ways.

Art Masters is offered on the second Friday of the month from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Poage Arts & Recreation Center.

Note: 10% discount if Participant registers for all 3 Art Master Workshops

Upcoming Art Masters workshops include:

October 9 | $40 ($35 Resident discount)
Artists will be taught the techniques of using a stencil to create an intricate string art design. In this workshop artists will learn the steps involved, including forming the outlines with hammer and nails, and then weaving the strings to create a finished original piece of art.



November 13 | $40 ($35 Resident discount)
In this workshop artists will learn how to draw a portrait of their pet using a photograph and will then bring the portrait to life using advanced painting techniques to add depth and detail to their portrait.



December 11 | $40 ($35 Resident discount)
Artists will work with numerous techniques including blending, color washing, ombre and scumbling to create a work of art with a blended background to make their forefront image Pop.



*Please note all Photos are examples of the projects planned. Each work of art will be unique to the individual artist and their chosen design.