Art Club is for ages 10-13. These artists will enjoy creating through painting, drawing, collage and more. Activities are designed to encourage individual expression and inspire creativity while providing the artist the opportunity to explore a wide range of art media.

Art Club is offered on the second Friday of the month from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Poage Arts & Recreation Center.

Upcoming Art Club workshops include:
NOTE: 10% discount if Participant registers for all Art Club Workshops

October 9 | $40 ($35 resident discount)
In this workshop artists will learn and complete a basic string art project. After they learn the basics, they will get to channel their inner artist with creating a design unique to them!




November 13 | $40 ($35 resident discount)
In this workshop artists will learn how to draw a portrait of their pet using a photograph and will then bring the portrait to life using simple color mixing and paint techniques.




December 11 | $40 ($35 resident discount)
This workshop will tap into our Artists silly and creative side.  These are not your typical sock puppets. Artists will be exposed to basic sewing skills and get to use a variety of textures and materials.




*Please note all Photos are examples of the projects planned. Each work of art will be unique to the individual artist and their chosen design.