For a unique, hands-on animal experience, let Scovill Zoo bring the zoo to you! The Scovill Mobile Zoo provides amazing, educational animal experiences for schools, non-profit organizations, and various community events. Each presentation is catered to the needs and age level of the group.

Animals will be presented one at a time so students can learn, discuss, and possibly touch. Zoo volunteers are trained on presenting ambassador animals with three different topics for the booking organization to choose from: “What makes a good pet”, “Classification”, and “Animal Senses”.

Presentations last approximately 30 minutes for pre-K and Kindergarten students and 45-60 minutes for older students. Please keep class sizes limited to 15 for younger students and up to 30 students for upper grades. Groups larger than 30 will require additional presentations. Here is our mobile zoo flyer!

School Presentation Rates
1st Presentation = $125.00
Each Additional = $100.00
Pre-K – Grade 1 = 30 minutes
Grades 2 + = 45 minutes
Plus mileage fee

Informal Mobile Zoo Presentations
Designed for large groups (science fairs, festivals, company picnics)
$175 for first hour ($125 for an additional hour)
**If local, max 3 hours

Additional Information 
Please book presentations at least two weeks in advance. Topics and animals may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Because of the busy “yellow bus season,” in May, Mobile zoo presentations that month can only be scheduled for nursing homes in the afternoon (price is $130).

Schedule Your Mobile Zoo Visit!
Call the zoo at 217/421-7435 to schedule a mobile zoo visit today!

Experience & Training of Mobile Zoo Volunteers
Scovill Zoo volunteers donate thousands of hours to help make us one of the best zoos in Illinois. Volunteers complete 10 weeks of continuing education classes, which allow them to practice handling animal ambassadors, learn AZA-approved guided tour messaging, and brush up on zoology and conservation topics important to the zoo. This ensures that team members have the tools they need to make each mobile zoo experience enjoyable and educational.