Goalkeeper Wars is a tournament that focuses on the goalkeepers ability to serve the ball in various ways and make saves. In this tournament it is keeper vs keeper in 3 minute rounds. Each keeper will take shots on the other keeper in order to score a point. They can take regular shots, throw it with their hands, and even punt the ball to score. At the end of 3 minutes the keeper with the most points wins.

NEW!!! MYSL DIVISION FOR REC PLAYERS ONLY! – If you are a MYSL player and would like to participate you will be placed in a MYSL only division unless you are wanting to play in the regular division. If you play in another rec division and want to be considered for this division please contact Tyler Benton before registering.





We will not be providing goalkeeper specific equipment such as padded protective clothing, or gloves. All keepers will need to bring their own equipment although goalkeeper specific gear is not required but recommended. Players will register as individuals with no coach or manager required or permitted during matches. Divisions will be divided into 2 age groups per division (for example 2012/2011). We will attempt to host a division for boys and girls. In the event of low registrations we will create a coed division.



PLEASE NOTE! If you are not a goalkeeper and you are registering to take shots then you will still be required to play goalkeeper.


Goalkeeper wars rules


Registration deadline is July 5, 2021. To Register online click here

Or you can print this form fill out and return via email to tbenton@decparks.com.

Schedules are listed below

Allan McGregor Division Schedule, Bernd Leno Division, Allysa Naeher Division., Hope Solo Division,  Alisson Becker Division

Sean Johnson Division    Manuel Neuer Division   Edouard Mendy Division      David de Gea Division    Zack Steffen division

Age/DOBDayPriceDateActivity Code
2014 birth year to adultSaturday$45.00July 10, 2021390011-23
MYSL K-8th grade.Saturday$45.00July 10, 2021390011-24

Have questions? Call Tyler Benton at 217-619-8052 or email at tbenton@decparks.com.