Leave your mark in our park!

Through the Memorial Program, you have the opportunity to dedicate a bench or tree at a Decatur Park District park or facility. Memorial benches and trees have become an increasingly popular way to remember and pay tribute to loved ones while also making a meaningful contribution to the community. The Decatur Parks Foundation’s Memorial Program honors significant loved ones and memories in a way that all park and facility patrons can enjoy. Your tax-deductible contribution supports the Decatur Parks Foundation’s work as the 501(c)3 partner of the Decatur Park District, and its mission to enhance park and recreation projects.

Commemorative Bench

A bench is the perfect way to commemorate a birth, anniversary, special event, or the passing of a loved one in a special, unique way. Their legacy lives on because of a commemorative park bench, installed in a public place for all to see, take notice, and remember. Each donor bench will include a 2”x10” cast bronze plaque which allows you to memorialize a person, place or date. Plaques larger than this size will have an increased plaque price.

Commemorative Tree

Planting a tree as a commemorative gift is a thoughtful way to allow the memory of someone special to live on for generations. Staff will provide a list of trees acceptable for planting in our parks and will work with you in selecting the appropriate tree and park location for your donation. Certain tree species are preferred due to their adaptability to our climate and maintenance requirements.

Program Information

Once a bench or tree is donated it becomes the property of the Decatur Park District. The Parks Foundation is not responsible for the replacement of any damaged or deteriorated benches or trees and the Park District reserves the right to remove them as needed. The Park District also does not guarantee the lifespan of a bench or a tree. When the lifespan of a bench or tree has been reached and requires replacement, the donor will have the opportunity to fund a new bench or tree at the current replacement costs. If the donor chooses not to replace the bench, it will be made available for a new donor. Final tree selection/bench placement will be determined by Decatur Park District  staff. The Decatur Parks Foundation will work with you and the Decatur Park District to choose your park location and identify the perfect on-site spot for installation. Some restrictions apply.

Your support of the Foundation and its projects will enable us to improve the quality of life for all in our community. To get started, contact Aly Delatte at adelatte@decparks.com for inquiries.