A check presentation is scheduled for 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22 at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC) to recognize the ongoing support of the Golden K service organization for the Elementary Basketball program in partnership with Decatur Public School District #61. Check presentation location will be Main Gym Court 2.

The Golden K contributes nearly five-thousand dollars annually to help fund Elementary Basketball.  An estimated two-hundred sixth graders from Decatur Public Schools take part in the after-school program, representing fourteen different District #61 schools.  The program gives youth the chance to play league games in a positive sports environment at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC).  Funds from Golden K are used to provide court time on full-sized courts with spectator seating for each game, referees, scorekeepers, scoreboards, scorebooks, basketballs, and more.

Elementary Basketball is a joint partnership between District #61 and the Decatur Park District, designed to enhance students’ educational and recreational experiences.  The program begins in October, with students playing intramural basketball games within each respective school for a seven-week period. Teams practice twice a week and play league games weekly on Tuesday afternoons from late October through the middle of December at the DISC.  At the end of this season, teams play in Championship Saturday, hosted by the Decatur Indoor Sports Center on December 14th.  For more information on the Elementary Basketball program, please call Jamie Davis at the DISC, 217-429-3472 (DISC).