Planning Your Event During COVID-19

For the health and safety of our guests and staff, we will be following the Governor’s multi-phased “Restore Illinois” guidelines for reopening & hosting events. We are sharing updates and planning tips on Facebook & Instagram so be sure to check in.

Planning in the time of COVID is definitely not what any of us expected. We know a lot of you are having to plan, re-plan, and change again with every update to the restrictions and guidelines, and we want to help you with your options!

Here are a few examples to consider when planning for your future event:

Plan A: 

Host your wedding/event on your original date with your full guest list.

Plan B:

Host your wedding/event on your original date but with a trimmed guest list of 50 or less.

Plan C:

Host your wedding/event on a backup date with your full guest list.

Work with your vendors to figure out what each of these plans look like! Prioritize your vendors by importance, as well as which deposits are refundable. It doesn’t hurt to ask about cancellation and postponement policies to get a clear view of all of your options!

We are here to help through your planning process. Call Lily Hoops at 217-421-6657 to talk through your options at Hickory Point Banquet Facility.