Red Barn Kitchen at Decatur Airport

If you haven’t stopped in for a meal at Red Barn Kitchen at Decatur Airport, you’re missing some of the most delicious, unique tastes in town! This casual, chef-driven American restaurant features creations highlighting the freshest seasonal ingredients from across our area. RBK also boasts one of the finest menus of craft beers, cocktails, whiskeys, bourbons, and wines. For reservations, call 330-7777.

SilverSneakers at the DISC!

Did you know that the DISC is a Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness Program partner? Many health plans around the country offer SilverSneakers. We can check to see if you’re eligible…if you’re retired and your health benefits include SilverSneakers, you can walk, run, and work out at the DISC for free! You can visit other health centers in Decatur free at the same time. Perfect to consider as the weather gets colder. Call Melissa at 429-3472 to learn more about SilverSneakers at the DISC!