MU-primaryLogo-color-01Sound, compose, produce, and perform like a rock star! With the help of musicians with years of studio and live performance experience, students who are age 10 – 17 will enjoy a week full of learning and fun. Camp includes sessions of Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Vocals. There will be a final show on the last Saturday of camp. The camp is overseen by Mike Schoneman and The Chicago Blackhawks Band members including Michael Esteves, Tom Grassman and Jeff Markland. For more information, contact Mike at Space is limited.
Note: Musicians must supply instruments. Guitarists and bassists supply guitar/bass and straps, small amp, extra strings, picks and cables. Drummers must bring their kit, drumsticks and practice pad. All instruments will remain secure for the duration of the camp. A new session will be offered in summer 2018!

The First Gig Course
Guitar: Depending on level of play, guitarists will learn basic chords, picking and strumming, soloing and advanced rhythm.
Bass: Depending on level of play, bassists will learn technique, dexterity and scales, as well as tips for improvisational playing.
Drums: Depending on level of play, drummers will learn tuning, dynamics, timing, warm up exercises, as well as a variety of rock grooves ranging from simple to complex.
Vocals: Singers will learn skills to improve their delivery and enhance their voices. Vocal range, projection, and harmony are part of this course as well as practices fro warm-up and relaxation.
Production: All participants will learn behind-the-scenes production skills to make their band look and sound like pros.
Staff: Area professional musicians, as well as members of the Chicago Blackhawks Band, will work with the campers. Campers will be assigned to a band, which includes a guitarist, bassist, drums and vocalist. Each band will be led by an experienced professional.