Park Board Meetings and Agenda

The next meeting of the Decatur Park Board of Commissioners will be held on Wednesday, January 3 at 12 noon at the administrative office (620 E. Riverside).

Meeting Schedule

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Download the 2017 – 2018 schedule of meetings.


Budget & Appropriation Ordinance

On June 17, 2017, the Decatur Park Board of Commissioners adopted the 2017/2018 Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance appearing in the link below.
2017/2018 Budget & Appropriation Ordinance


Prevailing Wage Ordinance

Click here to view the Prevailing Wage Ordinance.


2016 Financial Report

Below is the link to the Annual Financial Report for the Decatur Park District, prepared by May, Cocagne & King. Questions regarding this documents should be directed to CFO Rodney Buhr at or 422-5911.
Decatur Park District Audit


Public Comments

The Park Board of Commissioners welcomes and appreciates the views and input from interested citizens. Individuals or groups wishing to address the Board should sign in (name & address) prior to the meeting. Speakers will be asked to give their name and address as they begin their presentation. The Board asks that comments be delivered in a three minute time frame in order that others may receive adequate time and attention. As a matter of protocol, comments should reflect courtesy and not contain derogatory or slanderous comments about an individual or group. Breach of the above mentioned protocol may result in the Board President declaring the speaker or group out of order and discontinue the presentation. As a general rule, neither the Board nor staff will provide immediate responses.


Public Information

The Decatur Park District is a unit of local government founded in 1924, organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, which has the purpose of providing leisure services and facilities for the residents of Decatur. The Board of Park Commissioners of the Decatur Park District is considered the local legislative body to which is entrusted, by the law, the responsibility for planning, executing and appraising the park and recreation programs and facilities of the District.  It is the duty of the Board to approve basic policy for the operation, control and planning of present and future activities of the District.

The following non-paid Board of Commissioners governs the Park District:  Bob Brilley, Chris Harrison, Chris Riley, Stacey Young, and Jack Kenny.

Decatur Park District facilities include the Administrative Office, Decatur Airport, Decatur Indoor Sports Center, Fairview Pool, Fairview Tennis Center, Hickory Point Golf Course, Johns Hill Center, Overlook Adventure Mini Golf Course, Poage Arts & Recreation Center, Red Tail Run Golf Club by Raymond Floyd, Schaub Floral Display Center, Scovill Golf Course and Scovill Zoo.

The Decatur Park District employs approximately 100 full-time employees and 500 part-time/seasonal employees.


Illinois Public Act 097-0609

In accordance with Illinois Public Act 097-0609, the Decatur Park District has posted the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year.  The posting may be viewed at the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Ave., Decatur, IL  62521.


Our Code

The Decatur Park District does not discriminate against individuals in admission to, or treatment of, or employment in programs or activities in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended in the U.S. Constitution. The Park District receives Federal funds from the National Park Service. Regulations of the U.S. Department of the Interior strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination in departmental Federally Assisted Programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in any program, activity or facility operated by the Decatur Park District may contact the District’s Equal Opportunity Officer (217/422-5911) and the U.S. Department of the Interior at Director, Equal Opportunity Program, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, P.O. Box 37127, Washington, D.C. 20013-7127.

Park Ordinance Book

The rules and regulations contained in the 2014 Ordinance Book of the Decatur Park District are intended to ensure the use and enjoyment of all Park District facilities. It is the intention of the Decatur Park Board of Commissioners that no only will the ordinance be enforced but that all appropriate provisions of state criminal law, especially those related to the use of drugs, liquor or weapons, be enforced by the Decatur Park District Police Department. This ordinance is in no way intended to take the place of provisions of state, municipal or county law otherwise intended to ensure the safety and good conduct of any person making use of Park District facilities. If you have questions regarding a particular ordinance, please contact Chief Ed Culp at 422-5911.


ADA Accessibility Survey

In Spring 2012, the Decatur Park District began a survey process conducted by Recreation Accessibility Consultants. 56 parks and facilities were reviewed, and results have been compiled in a 6-volume document that is available at the Administrative Office, 620 E. Riverside Ave. The cover letter from RAC President John McGovern and summary letter appear below. For more information, please contact Ryan Raleigh at 422-5911.

ADA Cover Letter
ADA Summary Document
Freedom of Information Act
Municipal Directory


We Care About Your Safety

The Decatur Park District is concerned for the safety of visitors to our parks and facilities and strives to ensure that playground equipment, park grounds, and all facilities remain in excellent condition. Please help us in this effort. Follow safety rules posted at park sites and note age designations for appropriate use of playground equipment. If you see or hear of vandalism to park property, find broken playground equipment, or discover anything else you consider hazardous, please call the Park District at 422-5911.



While the Park District is committed to conducting recreation programs and activities in the safest manner possible, an inherent risk of injury exists with any recreational activity. The Decatur Park District continually strives to reduce such risks and insists that all participants follow rules and instructions that have been designed to protect their safety. The Decatur Park District does not carry medical accident insurance for injuries sustained on its property or in its programs as the cost of such insurance would make program fees cost-prohibitive.


Organizational Chart

Download the Decatur Park District Organizational Chart.


2017 Fall/Winter Activity Guide

To reach the greatest number of individuals in our community, the bi-annual activity guide is made available at all Park District facilities. It is also distributed at the DACVB and many other locations across town. To view the guide online, please click here.